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Но кто позаботится о тех, кто приезжает в город Брянск? – Мы.

(Who will help people arriving in Bryansk? We can.)

Why do not you participate in this project? (integrated services for people who come to any city in Russia). We've been doing this project in the Bryansk almost two years. The thought is beautiful, the most logical perspective, the niche is free or in Bryansk, neither Russia nor in the world no one else has thought of this! The idea and its embodiment in life, the scale of Russia, my and my friends invest $ 720 thousand. Your own. Payback period of 15 months, profitability (POI) 14%. We are all honest. .

Regards N. Stefashin.


Oahu Bryansk

Oahu, a city that has long-standing Bryansk and strong economic and cultural relations.

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Oahu, the turquoise waters, the pristine beaches, the razor-edged mountains and a legacy of royalty, a delicious blend of Pacific influences and the luxurious pace of island relaxation. Oahu is the sun and fun capital of the Hawaiian Islands choose from an array of sea, land and sporting activities. Visitors will enjoy hiking through rainforests, biking along mountain ranges and swimming in the azure blue waters of the Pacific. Oahu Брянск. These activities are excellent to explore the environment, history and experience the culture of the island.

Город Брянск.


Oahu Bryansk

Брянцы, следуя добрым русским традициям, встречают в Брянске с хлебом солью своих гостей, брянчане ждут новых знакомств и всегда рады друзьям.


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Оаху Брянск 2011

Oahu Russia Bryansk